• Pogosta vprašanja (FAQ)


The student team retains all copyrights.

Also, you will not need to name your firstborn after our faculty.

Yes, it is possible! The Garage FRI has access to funds (thank you sponsors!) which are indented for you and your projects.

However such funds come with a “condition”:

  • after the completion of the project, the equipment will remain in the FRI Garage, where it will be available for other teams

This excludes if your project contains the given equipment, in this case an arrangement can be made.


All students who are part of a FRI garage program are entitled to the keys to access the FRI garage. Inside the FRI garage there is a lot of equipment, with more on the way, therefore when nobody is inside the FRI garage the facilities needs to be locked.

The protocol for acquiring a key:

  1. Join one of the programs in the FRI garage
  2. Your contact details will be forwarded to the FRI human resources office
  3. Your new key will be available to you there

When you have your key, you can stay for as long as you wish except when the workspace is reserved - in this case you can still work in the conference room.

When you acquire your key you can work in the FRI garage whenever you want 24/7/365. Your key only opens the FRI garages facilities and not any other rooms.

The FRI garage is primarily intended:

  • all students of University of Ljubljana

    • undergraduate
    • postgraduate
    • doctoral students
  • employees of University of Ljubljana

Besides the ones mentioned above, mentors and lecturers or experts from the industry are also allowed.

The FRI garage is not a recreational area.

In certain cases you do not need a key, for example:

For complete independent work you need a key, with which you can open/close the facilities.

The FRI garage consists of two parts:

  • the primary “coworking space (for approx. 15 people)
    • here is where workshops and all the other programs will be conducted
    • part of the room contains a small kitchen and couch
    • three tables (which are electronically adjustable - so you can work standing up)
  • the secondary smaller room (for approx. 5 people)
    • ideal for meetings and conferences

Both rooms are available for reservations.