• Student technology accelerator

In the Garage, we are building a community where we meet, learn and develop interesting projects and discuss new ideas and technologies. It is a contact point between students, academics and businesses. Talented students from University of Ljubljana's faculties are collecting ICT knowledge, accumulate practical experiences, refining their technical skills, expanding their social circles and creating their very own startups.

What the Garage offers to students

  • most comfortable, diverse, always open and flexible work spaces, furnished in “startup” style
  • excellent micro-location in the lobby of our faculty
  • big “co-working” space with movable 4K UHD TV and projector, electric height-adjustable tables (standing work)
  • cozy spot to work or brainstorm, included with a kitchen, refrigerator and sofa
  • separate smaller room with a secondary large 4K UHD LED TV - ideal for situations, where you and your team needs a quiet corner for important meetings, smaller presentations, videoconference or teamwork.
  • because the space does not follow the educational timetable, spaces are available for use even when the rest of the spaces on faculty are occupied
  • currently the fastest and most advanced commercially available wireless WiFi network intended for work in the Garage
  • use of dedicated server infrastructure for your projects
  • possibility of obtaining microgrants for your projects
  • mentoring students by faculty staff and top industry experts
  • organized demo days and public, media supported presentations of your projects

FRI Garage wouldn’t exist without our sponsors

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