• Facebook infrastructure: Under the Hood

When: 18:00 - 19:00

Where: Classroom P22

Presenter: Rok Papež, Production Engineer, Facebook

Facebook, the biggest social network, has more than 2.2 Billion monthly active users and thus has to operate a large and scalable infrastructure. Rok Papež, a Production Engineer from Facebook’s European HQ in Dublin, will talk about Facebook’s NTP and DNS infrastructure. Talks will be on scaling and resiliency of the NTP service, how Facebook load balances traffic using DNS RUM (Real User Metrics) and offloading of TLS session establishment. Talk will also detail DNS data pipeline and the internal structure of DNS server.

A couple of words about the speaker:

Rok Papež was interested in computers since his young age, starting with Logo and quickly progressing into programming with Pascal and (now ancient versions of) C/C++. Also experimenting with different Operating Systems like OpenVMS, IBM OS/2 and Linux and playing with different network technologies even predating the Internet. After and during the BSc studies at the Faculty of Computer and Information science (University of Ljubljana), he worked in diverse roles ranging from being a software engineer to being a systems and network engineer at different companies like Aster, Iskratel, Comtrade (Hermes SoftLab) and Arnes, to name just a few. Also complementing his professional activities with volunteer work for Linux Users Group of Slovenia (LUGOS) while also working on Pingo Linux distributions and co-authoring the accompanying book.

Since May 2017 Rok is working as a Production Engineer for Facebook in the Dublin office, where he started in the Cluster Infrastructure team and then moved to the Infrastructure DNS and NTP team. Besides making sure DNS servers are ticking along nicely, Rok also likes to give public talks and manage the occasional intern in his team.

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